How To Use Trending Topics in Social Media To Boost Your Online Popularity.

For those of you who are new to the social media scene, or refrain from it entirely, “trending topics” are those posts, images, or videos that offer enough popularity to go viral.  With the passing from one person’s social media page to another’s, these topics often blow up overnight.

The most recent example of a “trending topic” or “viral campaign”, is the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. This simple idea was to raise money for ALS research.  It started off with a trickling of interest, but quickly washed through various social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter like a raging flood.

Scroll through any Facebook newsfeed, and watch the myriad of common-folk, business owners, Presidents and celebrities alike, all dowsing themselves with ice water in order to be a part of this trending cause …bringing to light a disease most did not have knowledge of previously.

Now lets be honest we would all love to get this type of exposure but we know the chances of coming up with the next “Gangman Style” video are unlikely. So the next best thing to creating a trending topic is to join in the chorus of this viral tune.  This is exactly what business owners should be participating in.

AND DON’T’ WORRY YOU ARE NOT JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON…. But rather becoming part of a social media trend.

So how do you become part of a Social Media Trend?

  1. Be the trend setter
  2. Be the bar topper
  3. Be the trend changer
  4. Just have fun with it!

Coming up with a trend that has popularity power, is a hard call to make – even for expert marketers. However, you can still be a “trend setter” by being one of the initial businesses that participate in ideas that look like they are taking off. Don’t sit on the sidelines and see if a trend becomes trendy. Rather, take initiative to participate in these cause-worthy type trends.

However, if you didn’t jump on the wagon quickly enough, don’t fret. You now have the opportunity to be a “bar topper”. Meaning – if everyone has taken this simple challenge and kept it consistent, you have the opportunity to take it over the top (video example – Green Planet). As the saying goes: “go big or go home” …nothing captures attention like a fresh spin on a dying trend.

Which brings us to being a “trend changer”. If a trend is dying out, be the first to sniff out a new trend – or even create your own worthy cause that has similar traits to previous trending topics. After all, this is how trending topics are created. Take a new idea with a proven theme and harnesses that popularity power.

And most importantly have fun with it.  Most of these trending topics require something silly out of you.  Taking the time to participate will not only allow your company to have their moment in the spotlight, it will also provide a platform for your business to show its personality.

At LG Digital, we understand the power of trending topics. If you would like to know more about how we can infuse your social media site with powerful, trend-worthy, and viral-capable news feeds please contact us today.

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