Understanding and Effectively Using YouTube Annotations

Ok, so you have started a You Tube channel because you are convinced it will add huge benefits.  And that is great because you are right.  But as a busy business owner it is unlikely you have heard of – or even concerned yourself with – The YouTube Annotation Process.  Not only are annotations under used but I am not sure people really understand how important it is to use annotations in their videos.

Understanding Annotations

An annotation is essentially a call to action within the video.  With annotations you can layer text, links, and hotspots over your video. Google says “It helps you enrich the video experience by adding information, interactivity and engagement.” But what they really should say is it gets people to do what YOU want them to do!

3 Ways You Can Use Annotations Effectively

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This offers your YouTube viewers the chance to click onto your next video.   This not only increases views on your channel but keeps them looking at your products or services. The last thing you want is to allow the viewer to get to the end your video because the first thing that You Tube tries to do is give them a similar suggested video that could pull them away from your product or service allowing them to watch a competitors product video.  Keep them tuned in and on your channel with this annotation.


This gives you an opportunity to ask them to subscribe to your channel.  More subscribers help with the virality of a video. The more subscribers you have, the more eyes will land on your content.  And remember, your subscribers aren’t just numbers on your channel page, but actual people who enjoy your videos and want more from you… and that’s a pretty awesome thing when used correctly.


This offers your viewers to move off You Tube onto your website where you are selling the product.   This is so important because this is what most business owners really want which is to drive sales up from there videos.  Your product video about your product or service should have the direct link to where to purchase the product or schedule the service.  Another benefit of driving customers to your site is now you can retarget them or send them to a landing page.  Retargeting is an effective online marketing tool to send ads to people who have visited your site.   And a landing page allows you to collect a customers e-mail address for future e-mail marketing campaigns.

So there is tons of ways to use annotations but this was a few examples of a few ways we like to use them. (Note:  Click here for a complete list of the types of annotations and how to set them up on your channel.

At LG Digital, we understand how to create the video content that delivers value, and holds viewers’ attention. In addition, we know how to expertly add these full-spectrum annotations to your videos, in a way that will prompt continued viewership, grow awareness of your products, and generate sales.

Watch It In Real Time


Need a visual representation? Click here to see an example of how LG Digital implements YouTube Annotations.

We provide these engaging additions to your digital marketing objectives, increasing valuable traffic to your website, and ultimately – building your customer-base.

Entrust your YouTube videos and annotations to us. We will ensure your business is taking full advantage of social media marketing and deliver proven results.

Where annotations do (and don’t) show up

Annotations appear on standard YouTube players and embedded players.  Annotations do not appear on custom YouTube chromeless players, or on mobile, tablet and TV devices.

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