Creating Videos That Offer Results

Having been in the digital arena for many years, we understand that increasing your click through rate is only as good as your return on investment. If you have a host of readers on your email list who are simply lookie loo’s, this might maintain your brand recognition, but it brings little value to you in terms of sales.
Increase Your CTR With Purpose In Mind
Studies show that utilizing videos within your emails can double -and even triple-  your CTR, so maximizing on this powerful tool will immediately put you ahead of the competition, if they are not following suit.
That being said, you should not get over zealous with your video campaigns. Large videos, both in size and length, can slow down a computer or smart phone significantly.
Opt for short, on-point videos, that provide thumbnail screens. These types of videos will effectively capture your viewer’s attention, and from that platform, you can provide them with an option to watch a full-screen version of your video by clicking over to your site.
Not only does this ensure your viewers are not being slowed down by your content and opting out, but it is also your first step in a call to action.
Creating a Call to Action Within Your Video Content
Utilizing videos within your email marketing is an effective relationship building tool. It is a way to capture your audience’s attention, retain it by buzzing about a value-based topic related to your business, and then provide a clear call to action.
It should be noted that, video thumbnails within an email are five-times more effective than hyperlinks, so this type of prompter is highly beneficial.
However, don’t exclude hyperlinks entirely. They provide an easy way for readers to find the content they want more information about, and also increases your site’s back-links (something Google really enjoys seeing).
Your Affordable Personal Marketing Team
At LG Digital, we harness the power of email marketing on behalf of you – the business owner. We are diligent in staying on top of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, and ensure your content is drawing in readers who are interested to look, and enticed to buy.
Allow us to help you improve your click through rate, increase your return on investment, and enhance your search engine optimization in the process!
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