Creating Effective Videos for Email Marketing

An enticing subject line that prompts a reader to open your email, is the initial art-form in creating an effective email campaign. From there, you need content that quickly follows through on whatever promise you made in that subject heading. Content that – in this case – will be delivered through video.
Video Content for the Listening Audience 
Using video for your email marketing, is an amazing tool to maintain your audience’s attention. Multi-tasking is something we all tend to do in our pressed-for-time lives, so providing your readers with this fresh approach, can have them taking notice and tuning in differently.
Not only will your click-through rate increase by utilizing videos, but it will also capture the eyes and ears of those on your email list, providing you with an audience in which to deliver your key message to.
Video Content for the Visually Stimulated
The fact is, people are engaged in different ways, and everyone learns differently. Some are auditory learners, and some are visual learners. So by implementing video as a way to learn about your product or service, it provides both an auditory as well as visual environment, which will benefit a lot of viewers.
By using excitement building music, coupled with enticing static or moving images, you can create visual selling features of your product or service that words alone might not convey.
Video Content for the Lazy Lookers
You also have to take in the “lazy factor”. Some people simply can’t be bothered with reading a page of content, even if it appeals to their buying habits. So by having a video option, it allows them to listen in and gain valuable information about your business, without requiring effort that might turn them away.
At LG Digital, we believe in the power and effectiveness of email marketing. We fully understand the process of hooking a reader with an enticing subject-line, followed by motivating content, closing with a call to action.  We provide you with proven ways to gain an audience, convey your message, and effectively sell your product or service.
Allow us to help you build your business through our digital marketing services,  and provide your costumers with additional reasons to purchase from you!
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