LG Digital Why you should use video marketing

The internet is vast and linear. It evolves faster than a pandemic, it embraces (and even rewards) change and it most certainly never ever u-turns or resets itself to a previous time.

If you disagree with this statement, then tell me the last time you visited MySpace, or AskJeeves.


The internet moves forward and evolves, with or without you and savvy marketers understand that in order to be successful, they have to strap themselves to the bullet train and constantly evolve with it.

In an era of video marketing, brands must embrace a forward thinking video marketing strategy. When a video on your site can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, marketers now recognize the importance of, and create content for consumers on every platform and channel. It is no longer a component of a successful marketing strategy, it is central to your campaign efforts and social strategy with four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch video are social channels.

This is great news for people who are currently using video marketing, and bad news for humble article writers like myself. Text will soon ride off into the sunset much like MySpace Tom, and video will wear the crown.

We miss you Tom.

So aside from not wanting to become a dusty long forgotten legacy of the internet, why would you want to embrace video content marketing?

Since 2017, video has put on its big boy pants and become the most important element of digital marketing. Today, most social media platforms are rolling out video-focused algorithms and social video is quickly becoming the most clicked on aspect of social media marketing. Many companies have decided to kick things up a notch and have even been leveraging video in their email marketing, which has shown to offer 96% higher click-through rate.

The takeaway is that when deployed strategically, video marketing can offer your business benefits that traditional text marketing no longer can. It has a proven impact on ROI with a  track record of boosting brand awareness, increasing lead generation and increasing conversion rates.

Now that you’re sold, and are ready to dive in you have to first set clear goals and define your objectives so that you may effectively measure its ROI.

You will want to ask yourself how can I entertain my audience, while offering the most pertinent information about my product or service. What content will our audience want to watch? Where will I be posting my content?

Once your content has been created and uploaded to the channels of your choice, you will need to monitor the performance of your video so that you can curate the metrics so that you can determine an accurate insight into your ROI. You need to keep track of your View count,

engagement,conversion rate, social sharing, feedback and total cost. Thankfully with video content becoming more affordable, it is now an option for businesses that might not have been able to afford professionally created content a few years ago. These days you can afford to hire a professional video content creator who will work with you to create a super slick video that will give you the results you previously could not achieve.

The internet evolves exactly the same way electricity flows. It always follows the path of least resistance, and video marketing offers your audience the ability to simply click, and be informed and entertained in microexperices, unlike with traditional text. It isn’t going away anytime soon and just like the internet itself, it will only grow bigger and stronger than ever before.

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