LG Digital Why video marketing is the future

Here’s a question. While you were on the internet today, browsing around on your favorite website, news sources and doing some online shopping, did you come across any videos?

Chances are you did, and there are many good reasons why.

Today, video marketing is one of the top marketing tools you need for a successful marketing strategy, and for most career marketers, this is surprising given how effective video content is for increasing brand awareness.

Simply put, video engages people like few other types of content such as traditional text (not unlike this article, and no, the irony is not lost on us) whether they are consuming entertainment, news, sports or branded messaging.This is why clever digital marketers understand that video is now a crucial component of a successful content strategy and that the future of marketing, and perhaps the internet itself, will be video. In fact, 94% of marketers agree that video marketing is a key element in their marketing strategy, according to Vidyard, and is why video is now a must-have marketing tool in order to make your brand more visible to a wider audience as well as benefit from its SEO advantages.

Every day we hop on the internet and it is like opening a fire hose that is pointed at our face. We are bombarded by text and after a while, we become snow bling to most of it. We simply cannot absorb everything we read every day, and with text messaging now our preferred form of conversation, text content is even more difficult to fully digest.

With video marketing being an essential component to any marketing campaign, there is a need for unique and original videos that provide ROI value and offer viewers entertaining and informative viewing.appeal.

In a recent article, Brian McNeill, Co-founder & COO, Stringr, said, “we are seeing growing interest in sponsored video content – particularly timely, relevant “edutainment” programming designed for YouTube. The idea being these segments are entertaining enough to watch and share while providing the brand a halo by being associated with the video.”

Additionally, in the same article Chris Roebuck, CEO of Clicktivated shared three reasons video marketing is essential:

It helps you keep up with the latest trends and stay relevant and competitive.

It helps your customers discover your products more engagingly.

And with new technology and innovative formats, you can stay ahead in a competitive landscape by updating your technology and tweaking your strategy.

The internet moves faster than we do, and it is also a fickle beast. The future of marketing will be video marketing content that is engaging and enticing for consumers that offer original and entertaining micro-moments that are easily digestible and inspire a call to action.

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