Clothing & Swag

At LG Digital, we have designed lots of clothing for a wide variety of companies, particularly t-shirts, hats, and lanyards for “swag” and giveaways. There are so many companies giving away subpar swag, so why not stand out by using one of our design professionals to create something that people will appreciate owning and enjoy wearing—not just something that will end up in the trash.

There is a huge difference between being thoughtful with your company swag, and simply throwing your company logo on the cheapest thing you can find. Working with LG Digital to design and source your swag has more benefits than you might think. High-quality swag has the potential to earn you extra brand impressions, build awareness, cultivate strong company culture, and build a good rapport with your customers.

When we design swag, the main question is this: will this item end up in the trashcan after a week? That’s what’s at stake here: your return on investment. Taking the time to pick out the right swag will help expose you to the right people, build trust, and create positive buzz around your brand.

Let us design some amazing clothing and swag to promote your business or service.

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