Annual Domain Registration

Annual Domain Registration

From: $3.00 / month

$3 a month or save 30% and pay $25 for the entire year.


If your domain name sits in an account with LG Digital Inc and you would like us to continuing managing it, then sign up here.

Note: If you have multiple domains with LG Digital Inc, for example .net, .ca ect.  Each one of those is a unique domain name and requires an annual payment of $25.00.

Peace of mind: With this plan, your domain name is set to “auto-renew” so you will never lose the name.

Cancellation Requirements: It is helpful to let us know well in advance (usually months) when cancelling a domain it to avoid being billed for the following year as we may have already paid your official registrar.

Additional Information: A registrar is an accredited organization, in this case GoDaddy, that sells domain names to the public.  LG Digital Inc provides this service as a convenience to clients who prefer to have us hold the name in our account, saving them from not having to open and manage their own accounts.


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